Visit Josep Puigmartí in Sitges
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Get the possibility to meet the famous Spanish artist Josep Puigmartí at the town of Sitges near Barcelona.
In Sitges you will experience a fantastic energy - with 12 small beautiful beaches, lots of unique restaurants and perfect shopping possibilities. Maybe you also want to hear more about your possibility of investing in Puigmartí paintings and sculptures - and at the same time get to meet the artist personally? We offer you an unforgettable experience in Sitges.
You can get everything arranged:
  • Transfer from Barcelona airport to Sitges
  • Accommodation in Arthotel Estella
  • Private guided tour in Puigmartí's permanent exhibition
  • Personal meeting with Josep Puigmartí
  • Guided tour in Sitges
  • Boat trip on the Mediterranean from Sitges harbour
  • City trip to Barcelona
  • Visit the Puigmartí museum in Burg Madamme in France
  • Art-hotel is situated in direct connection to the ocean. It offers many beautiful rooms and suites and some of the rooms are decorated by famous artists - for example you will find sculptures created by Salvador Dali.